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Stainless Thermo Flask 500ml


Brief Desc:

  • 304 high-quality stainless steel material, healthy and safe, strong and durable
  • Smart cup lid, gently touch the lid, the temperature is immediately displayed, and the temperature of the water is easily obtained
  •  Business, office thermos, portable, large capacity, hermetically sealed
  •  Suitable as a customized gift thermos: wedding gifts, business openings, advertising campaigns, etc.
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Stainless Thermo Flask 500ml

The Stainless Thermo Flask 500ml is your best bet durable travel Mugs. The thermos Insulated Water Bottle, 500ml is portable and easy to carry about. It has a smart temperature display lid, a smart water cup with stainless steel vacuum drink flasks. It can be used for hot or cold liquid content and as a sport drink bottle for cycling or gym. They are also perfect for use in homes and offices.  The Stainless Thermo Flask 500ml is one of the best best gift you can give your colleagues, customers, employees or employers. The stylish business appearance with intelligent temperature display makes the holder look more noble and smart! So it’s perfect for gifts to your friends or family on important holidays.

  • Waterproof Led Display:

    Waterproof LED display that can be completely submerged in water. Just touch the LED screen and the temperature of the liquid will show on the LED screen. You do not have to test the temperature with your mouth or risk getting burn.

  • Durable Keep Cold :

The Water Bottle thermos vacuum of cups and cups can block heat transfer. Our products CAN hold liquid heat above 42 °C for up to 6 hours and liquid cooling below 10 ° C for up to 5 hours. ( This is subject to weather temperature and how often the cup is opened and if it is tightly closed)

  • Safe & Healthy Material :

The inner wall of Water Bottle is made of 304 grade food grade thermos stainless steel and the outer case is made of high quality 204 stainless steel. It has been approved by the FDA for your drinking needs. Of course, 100% does not contain BPA.

  • Ultra Capacity Battery:

Lithium battery with large capacity, screen turn off automatically when not in use can reach a battery life of UP TO 2 years. Cup lid with built-in battery (non-removable). After the battery is used up, you can purchase a new cup lid to replace it.

  • Wide Applications:

Water Bottle with the state-of-the-art double-wall thermos vacuum technology, this mug is stylish and durable. Whether you are traveling, at home, in the office or outdoor – the ideal companion. Simple and practical, it is the best gift for friends, family & colleagues.

  • High Quality Materials:

Liquid Water Bottle double-layer heat insulation is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the outer layer is sprayed with plastic to effectively prevent rub and better protect the bottle.

  • Good Sealing:

The middle of the double-layer water bottle wall is vacuum, which can effectively prevent heat loss, and the heat preservation effect for up to 24 hours, whether it is hot water or ice water. Comes in different colours and would be served at random.

  • Temperature Display:

The lid is embedded with a temperature-sensing chip and an LED touch display. A tap before drinking water will display the temperature in the water bottle at this time, making it safer for you to drink hot water.

  • High Practicality

This Flask could hold fruit juice, tea and other drinks, and there is a drain tank in the cup to filter tea or other residues when you drink water.


More Product Features:

  • Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display
  • Double food grade stainless steel, vacuum insulation technology.
  • 24-hour thermal insulation effect, full body washable thermos cup.
  • The temperature display screen makes it safer for you to drink water.
  • Widely adapted to a variety of beverages, both cold and hot drinks liquid content can be well insulated.
  • The stylish look is perfect for your own use, and more suitable as a gift for others.


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